Hey Girls - Do It In Your Pants...


Hey Girls tackles 'period poverty' by giving away a product to women in need every time one is purchased. The finical strain of buying period protection has not changed for over 20 years, and Hey Girls aims to help with their reusable, and environmentally friendly products.

Fine Folk were proud to be tasked with filming, and facilitating all the post production for Hey Girls first online commercials, with the final films delivered in multiple aspect ratio's and durations. 

Client: Hey Girls
Producer: Kirsten Blackburn
Marketing: Amy Briggs
Directed by: Melody Squire
DOP: Fine Folk, Garath Whyte
Choreography: Melody Squire
Dancers: Kate Durrant, Dee Ovens, Ali Yamdarris
Make Up: Helen Roche
Editor: Fine Folk, Jason Devine
Colourist: Fine Folk, Jason Devine
Graphics: Fine Folk, Jason Devine